Apr 09, 2024 :star: New preprint out on Can Feedback Enhance Semantic Grounding in Large Vision-Language Models? on arXiv!
Jan 15, 2024 :star: Our paper Transferring Labels to Solve Annotation Mismatches Across Object Detection Datasets is accepted to ICLR 2024
Oct 01, 2023 :star: Our paper Bridging the Sim2Real gap with CARE: Supervised Detection Adaptation with Conditional Alignment and Reweighting is accepted to TMLR 2023
Jul 31, 2022 :star: Present “Data Annotation” at NVIDIA Data-centric seminar
Feb 28, 2022 :star: [Feb. 2022 - May 2023] Internship at NVIDIA Toronto, Canada
Dec 01, 2021 :star: One workshop paper accepted to NeurIPS’21 Data-Centric AI workshop and Participate in Graduate Consortium in HCOMP’21 as Graduate Colleagues
Sep 30, 2021 :star: Start the Ph.D. at the University of Toronto
Mar 31, 2021 :star: Our paper “Towards Good Practices for Efficiently Annotating Large-Scale Image Classification Datasets” is accepted to CVPR 2021 as Oral